How do I replace the NexStar GPS telescope's internal battery?

Your NexStar GPS has a GPS module with a small rechargeable Panasonic ML621 battery clipped or soldered to an internal board. It keeps the date and time and recent data elements from GPS satellites.

If the battery is low or nearly dead, the scope loses the ability to show the correct time and GPS linking times become excessive or it just won’t link.

To replace the battery, you will need to take the scope apart to get at the board that holds the battery and GPS module. In the original NexStar GPS, the battery is located in the base and the battery is just clipped to the board. Late-model scopes have the battery soldered to the GPS board, located in the hand-control arm of the scope.

For full removal and replacement instructions, go here on Mike Swanson’s NexStar Resource Site,

Updated 12/21/13