I get the message "the device Neximage 5 is in live mode but doesn't seem to deliver images"

You may see the following error message pop up when using NexImage 5 #93711 and iCap:

NexImage 5 live mode error

If you do, please try the following remedies:


  • Adjust the resolution settings on the camera using the dropdown menu.
  • Use another USB port on your computer.
  • Uncheck auto for the gain and exposure settings under the Device – Properties menu.


If you are using a Windows 7 64-bit system, it is also possible that it is a driver conflict. The driver installation software is supposed to determine the version of Windows 7 being used (32 bit or 64 bit) and install the correct driver, but sometimes this does not work. Try uninstalling the current driver, then go to the link below to download a new installer. Then reload the driver.



Updated 12/27/13