I have an old fork-mounted Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope (SCT). Can I convert this to a GoTo mount?

There is no upgrade available to convert your old Celestron fork-mounted SCT to a GoTo capability.

Instead, you need to convert it to a dovetail mounting. Here is an outline of the steps for this do-it-yourself project.

1. Remove the tube from the fork. The rest of the process only involves the optical tube assembly (OTA).

2. Find a dovetail bar. Celestron sells the wider 3 inch CGE or Losmandy-style bars. You can also check in the aftermarket, since we do not have the narrower 1.75 inch CG-5 or Vixen-style dovetail bars for sale. Try scopestuff.com, ADM Accessories, Astro-Tech, Orion, Ken's Rings and Things and Losmandy.

Mount the bar on your OTA.

Buy a GoTo mount either from us or another company that has a dovetail clamp of the appropriate width to accept your dovetail bar. You can find the Celestron mounts

Mount your converted OTA to the clamp.

Enjoy your computerized stargazing!

Updated 12/16/13