I’m using MCupdate and HCupdate to update my mount. I can't get past “Hand Control must be placed into Programming Mode”. What can I do?

This is usually a problem on the computer end of your connection. Often when you see this message and press “Next,” the update software will return you to the select COM port screen.

First, make sure all cable connections between PC and scope are good.
Check that the PC port selection on the screen is configured for the serial (COM) port you are using to connect to the telescope. Check your PC COM port(s) validity. If there are no low-numbered COM ports, there are lots of COM ports or high-numbered COM ports, it usually means your computer needs to have COM ports reassigned to correspond with currently existing real ports or the computer needs maintenance.

Most other potential solutions also require PC maintenance investigating and possibly changing settings for serial and/or IrDA ports in the computer's setup (BIOS settings). Celestron cannot provide this support.


Updated 12/27/13