I need direct access to the images and videos created by my microscope using the program Digital Microscope Suite. Where are the images?

Digital Microscope Suite creates three default folders: Microscope Album, Microscope Log, and Microscope Media. The images and videos are saved the Microscope Media folder.

The folder can be found on most current windows computers by pressing the Windows and then E key to bring up Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer).

Windows Explorer lets you look at files and folders on your computer. Look for the folder called Documents or My Documents. (This may differ on different computers depending on exactly how they are set up or configured or exactly what Windows operations system you have.) Then find the folder Microscope Media.


Another way of finding it is to browse Computer, then Local Disk C:, find Users, then the folder with your User Name, then My Documents, Microscope Media.

As an example, here are screen shots for Windows 7 user stellar:

browsing for the folder

browsing for the folder

browsing for the folder

A third way is to use Search and type in Microscope Media. This works well for Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Once you’ve found the folder, the images will be accessible to you for viewing, editing, etc with other programs.

Updated 12/18/13