I want to rename, renumber, delete, and edit files taken with the Digital Microscope Suite (DMS). How can I do that?

The DMS is used with Celestron models #44421 Digital Microscope Imager and the #44302-A Handheld Digital Microscope.

Some file tasks can be done inside DMS. It does not matter if the microscope is connected to your computer. The right hand pane of DMS will show images and videos you have taken using the program. Right-click on an image or video. The pop-up menu will show, among others, copy and delete options. You can delete the image from the program or by choosing the “Delete files from disk” option, from your computer as well. You can see the file location by mousing over the image displayed in the DMS right side panel or by using “Properties” in the pop-up menu.

To do more, choose the option “Find Target”. This will open a window that shows the file location in a Windows operating system folder. It can be deleted, opened with another program for editing, renamed etc. Any file deleted here will disappear from the view in DMS. (You may need to refresh the view by either clicking on another image or album or exiting and re-entering the program to make the file icon disappear.)



The Microscope Media folder contains the files created when you took pictures with the microscope using the DMS. The images are automatically saved to this folder and are sequentially numbered by DMS, for example, Image1.jpg, Image2.jpg, etc. These same files can also be seen on the right-hand side of the window inside DMS itself. (NOTE: even though the files are sequentially numbered, there is no control from the program to reset a counter numbering them.)


Updated 12/18/13