I'm having problems with my NexStar SLT StarPointer. How do I fix them?

If the StarPointer no longer shows the red dot when turned on, it probably needs a new battery. It uses the 3V CR2032 lithium wafer battery. You can get these cells at most drugstores, hardware stores, and auto supply stores since they are also used in flashlights and car remotes.

Replace the battery by gently prying off the cover on the front bottom of the StarPointer. Gently bend the metal clip slightly so the battery comes out. Insert the new battery, positive side out, into the battery well underneath the clip. Replace the cover. Your red dot should now appear when the StarPointer is turned on.

If you have problems aligning or can’t center the red dot, try readjusting the top part of StarPointer (the part actually carrying the reflective optics). On some StarPointers, you may be able to loosen one or both of the Philips screws holding the adjusting knobs (not to be confused with the screws on the clamp that holds the StarPointer to the scope’s finder bracket). Move and reset the position of the optics part with your fingers towards the center of its travel, then retighten the screws. This adjustment should allow you to properly center the red dot using the two knobs.

If you still can't see or center the red dot or loosen the screws, the StarPointer needs to be replaced.

Updated 12/27/13