Is my SE telescope tube on backwards?

Because of the single-arm nature of the mounting and the GoTo firmware and drive, there is a preferred way to attach your telescope tube to the fork arm.

1. Place the mount on the tripod and position it so that the arm is towards your body.

2. Loosen the dovetail clamp to allow room to slide in the dovetail bar that’s on the tube of the scope.

3. Rotate the clamp assembly so that the knob on the clamp is on the bottom.

4. Pick up the tube with both hands, bar facing towards you. The front of the tube should be pointing towards your left. The Celestron logo – depending on your model, either on the dovetail bar or on the tube side – should be right side up.

5. Position yourself so that you are right against the mount arm. Slip the bar on the tube into the clamp, pulling the tube towards your body until it is square against and all the way into the clamp.

6. Push the tube to the left until the black mirror cell assembly at the back is against the clamp housing (bezel) all the way.

7. Finally, tighten the clamp by turning the knob. Visually confirm that the bar is firmly seated before letting go of the tube.

You can adjust the position of the tube front and back in the dovetail clamp if accessories cause the scope to need balancing.

Updated 12/25/13