My CGE mount has binding in the RA axis. What do I do to fix this?

With your clutches locked, push the counterweight shaft. It should move a small amount in order to allow the RA motor to work properly. If it doesn’t move, you need to adjust the worm block inside the RA housing.

First, remove the RA motor housing cover (held on by 4 2 mm hex head screws – you don’t need to remove the Philips head screws).
Locate the two large bolt heads on the back of the housing and loosen them very slightly. This will let you adjust the position of the worm gear in relation to the main RA gear. Note there are small shims between the worm block and the motor housing at the top of the block to ensure adequate spacing between worm gear and main gear. These spacers help prevent substantial binding.

To adjust for minor binding, move the block away from the main RA gear just slightly and tighten it up. Check the adjustment by locking the clutches and pushing the counterweight shaft, as noted earlier. Then double check by powering on the mount to see if the binding has been eliminated.

Updated 12/27/13