My CPC wobbles when I put it on the tripod. How do I fix this?

The CPC tripod and mount are attached to one another by three bolts that are part of the tripod assembly. In order to make assembly easier, especially in the dark, there is a central alignment pin that sticks up above the tripod top plate. It fits into a matching hole in the base of the CPC.

If the pin is sticking out too far above the top plate, it won’t allow the CPC mount to sit flush against the top plate or be screwed down solidly to the tripod. Instead, at best, the scope will rock or wobble.

The fix is easy. The pin is the top of the approximately 12 inch shaft that also holds the accessory tray to the tripod.

1. Move this shaft down a bit. Do this by loosening the knob at the bottom of the tray by a few turns.

2. Use a wrench to loosen the nut on the center bottom of the tripod top plate.

3. Unscrew the shaft by hand until the pin’s height is lowered by a few tenths of an inch.

4. Retighten the nut, push the accessory tray up and retighten the knob.

Now your scope should mount solidly to the tripod.

Updated 12/24/13