My NexStar GPS takes a long time to link, and the date-time is wrong. Do I have a dead internal battery?

Your NexStar GPS has a GPS module with a small rechargeable battery soldered to an internal board. It keeps the date and time and recent data elements from GPS satellites. If you haven’t used your scope recently or it’s just used for brief observing sessions, the battery may have lost its charge. The scope loses the ability to show the correct time and GPS linking times become excessive.

Recharge the battery by plugging in the AC adapter, unplugging the hand control and turning the scope on. Leave it on for at least 48 hours. Afterwards, take the scope outside and let it get a GPS link. Once linked, the correct date and time should be displayed.

If the date and time are still wrong, you need to replace the battery.

Updated 12/21/13