My NexStar+ hand control is stuck displaying “Initializing….” What can I do?

NOTE: This is just for NexStar+ hand-controllers only. For NexStar* hand controllers, please click here.

  1. Make sure no buttons are stuck. If not, then you can try the following three steps yourself.
  2. Plug into an AUX port and try to reset to factory settings.
  3. Re-flash the hand control and motor control firmware to make sure nothing has been corrupted. Install CFM. Run the program and follow the instructions to update your firmware.
  4. Check the power supply. Ensure you have fresh batteries in a clean holder or switch to a PowerTank or similar external DC supply. Try an AC adapter that is a Celestron-recommended 12 volts DC, 2.5 amp output, tip positive source. For any external source, be sure the power port on the scope is clean and the pins in the center are slightly spread ensuring good contact with the car battery or AC adapter jack. Check the car battery adapter itself. Check AC extension cords and wall plugs.

If none of these work, most likely your mount and hand control need Celestron factory service to restore proper function