My StarPointer red-dot finderscope battery is dead. How do I replace it?

There are two types of StarPointers.

The first type is mounted on our SkyProdigy, NexStar GT, SLT and SE series. It is black and it has the lens that reflects the red dot out on the front end. To replace the battery in this StarPointer, gently pry off the plastic piece below the front end with your thumbnail. Work you way around this cover, as there is one prong in front and two in the rear. Once the cover is off, a flat battery is revealed. It’s a 3-volt CR2032 lithium wafer battery. You can get these cells at most drugstores, hardware stores and auto supplies since they are used in flashlights and car remotes, too. Gently bend the metal clip slightly so the battery comes out. Insert the new battery, positive side out, into the battery well underneath the clip. Replace the cover. Your red dot should now appear when the StarPointer is turned on.

The second type of StarPointer is found on our AstroMaster and LCM series telescopes. It is black, stubby and has a red switch facing the eyepiece end of the telescope tube. Replace the battery by gently screwing off the cover on the switch side of the StarPointer with a penny. It uses a CR1620 cell. Carefully replace the cover, being careful not to force or cross thread it while screwing it back on. Your red dot should now appear when the StarPointer is turned on.

Updated 12/27/13