The RA and or Declination motor covers vibrate loudly on my Advanced GT (CG-5) mount. What's wrong?

Some vibration of these covers is normal. If it is excessive or bugs you, here are a few things you can do.

  • Tighten the screws holding the halves of the covers together. This will reseat the covers, quieting squeaking or rubbing noises.
  • Wrap a cloth strip or a strip of Coban-type tape around the offending cover.
  • Carefully shim or file places where the covers contact the metal mount housing. (Note that altering the cover may void your Celestron warranty.)
  • Put sound-dampening material such as Styrofoam inside the covers on the motor side. For all these tips, take care not to interfere with any of the mount’s functions.


To avoid loosening the covers (which may cause vibration), don’t lift the mount or head by either the RA or declination housings.

If vibration is still too much, you may need to return the mount to Celestron for factory service.

Updated 12/27/13