What are the differences between the two nightscape cameras

Here is a summary of the specs and some key information;

Feature Nightscape #95555 Nightscape #95560
CCD Sensor Kodak KAI-10100 Color Kodak KAF- 8300 Color
Pixel Array 3760 x 2840 (10.7Mp) 3326 x 2504 (8.3Mp)
Pixel Size 4.75?m x 4.75?m 5.4?m x 5.4?m
Full -well capacity 25,000e- 25,500e-
Read noise (RMS) 16e- 8e-
Sensor Size 22.5mm diagonal 22.5 diagonal
BinninCapability 2x2 in color, 4x4 in color 2x2 in monochrome
Relative Sensitivity At full 1x1 resolution, sensitivity is best matched with short telescopes with a fast f-ratio, such as an EdgeHD with Hyperstar (f/2). In 2x2 and 4x4 binning modes, the camera is considerably more sensitive and suited for longer focal length telescopes like the EdgeHD operating at f/10 or f/11. This provides great versatility for most imaging configurations . The KAF-8300's inherent low noise, high sensitivity, and relativley small pixel size mit ideal for a wide range of medium to long focal length telescopes, such as an EdgeHD system with a 0.7 Reducer Lens, as well as most refractor and reflector telescopes.
Value The Original Nightscape offers more pixels per dollar than any other cooled 16-bit color CCD in the market. Best-valued KAF-8300 camera available, setting a new standard for intermediate level imaging.