What are the important firmware update information for SkyScout?

Celestron’s SkyScout has had some internal hardware changes since it was first released. As a result, there are now three separate firmware versions of SkyScout currently on the market: 1.30.xx, 2.2.xx, and 3.2.xx. All three versions have the same features and identical functions.

However, there is a difference in the way they can be updated.

SkyScout versions can only update to versions that begin with the same version number. For example, version 1.30.xx can only be updated to version 1.xx.xx, not 2.xx.xx or 3.xx.xx. Version 2.2.9 can only be updated to version 2.xx.xx, not 1.xx.xx or 3.xx.xx. Version 3.2.16 can only be upgraded to version 3.xx.xx, and not 1.xx.xx or 2.xx.xx.

Find your SkyScout's version number by going to the Settings menu and choosing "About."

For all foreign language SkyScouts, the latest version number is still 1.29.196 with no current updates.

Updated 10/18/13