What do I need to know about maintaining the power, DEC, RA, AUX, AUTOGUIDE and HAND CONTROL ports on my CGE mount?

Your CGE mount has 10 ports, one for power and the other 9 for mount functions and accessories. Here are some tips to keep them working well.

Be sure the power port on the scope is clean and the pins in the center are slightly spread ensuring good contact with the car battery or AC adapter jack.

In the center of the power port on the telescope are two D-shaped pins that lie back to back, forming what appears to be a single round pin. What you need to do is insert the tip of a knife or the blade of a small screwdriver between the pins and give it a slight twist. This will separate the pins, increasing their spring tension on the inside of the power plug. This will help assure good power conductivity from the batteries to the scope.

Be sure the pins inside the modular jack-type ports (2 Decs, 2 RAs, AUX 1, AUX 2, Hand Control, PC, Autoguide) are straight and the ports themselves are clean.

Bring your scope inside and cover or store it in a case to help keep all ports clean and in good order.

Updated 12/27/13