What is a star party? Where can I find information on star parties around my area?

A star party is simply a gathering of people who are curious about astronomy and want to observe the night sky together. They are a great way to meet up with others involved in amateur astronomy and to learn all about the sky, telescopes, and even astroimaging. Star parties are usually held at easily accessible dark site areas such as in national parks, or from an urban setting such as in schools or community parks. Many star parties are organized by local astronomy clubs, astronomy and physics departments at colleges and universities, or other astronomical associations and institutions. The idea of a star party is to provide a setting where people can set up telescopes, share the views and experience the joy of astronomical observation.

To find star parties, local or nationwide, we recommend inquiring with local Astronomy shops and planetariums as they will have a great starting place of where to look. We also recommend researching social media sites and astronomy forums.

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