What kind of dovetail does my telescope have? Can I use it with other mounts?

For the most part Celestron telescopes will come with either a Vixen Style (1.75''), or CGE style (3'') Dovetail bar. If your telescope has either of these dovetail bars then that telescope would be interchangeable with other mounts who have the identical saddle. For example, if you have a Nexstar 8SE, then the telescope will come with the Vixen style dovetail bar. With that bar you can also use the same telescope on an AVX mount.

Vixen Saddle mounts: LCM, SLT, SE, AVX, GT, CG-5

CGE Saddle mounts: CGEM, CGEM DX, CGE PRO


While this means that the telescopes are interchangeable, you should make sure that the mount would be able to handle the payload capacity of your mount.