When using my autoguider and /or autoguiding program, I’m not getting any motion when I’m calibrating it. Is there a problem with my mount’s autoguiding port?

First, make sure you have the mount’s autoguiding rate set properly. This is found under Scope Setup > Autoguiding Rate in your hand control menu. Note that 00 is a rate of zero – no movement and 1 through 99 is the percentage of the full sidereal rate. This is set independently for RA and Dec.

If there still seems to be a problem, then next issue a command to move your mount from your autoguider program or autoguider hand control (not to be confused with the scope’s NexStar hand control).

The movement is very small, so you need to look at your scope hand control to see it rather than at the mount itself.

To see the RA - Dec values and their change when doing this, press Menu > Utilities > Get Axis Positions.

If these positions change in the right direction and amount, then your autoguider port is not the source of any autoguiding tracking problem.


Updated 12/27/13