Where can I find images taken with Celestron microscopes?

We have posted the Celestron Microscope Images Gallery to show examples of images taken with our most popular microscopes.

For each model, the left column gives the model number-microscope name and (for current products) a link to the product page, plus the image capture software (if any) provided with the microscope and used for the image captures in the gallery. The middle column has a picture of the microscope and is linked to a full-sized gallery images taken with the microscope. The right column presents a link to a folder of smaller images from the same microscope that can be easily e-mailed.

Specimens photographed vary depending on the microscope’s capabilities.

Important Note: Lower powers provides wider fields of view, so you won’t be able to see a whole stamp, coin or gem image or picture at even fairly low magnifications. Follow this rule to choose the microscope you require for your specific application.

The larger microscope specimens shown at low to mid powers in the gallery include a circuit board, a garnet crystal, a millimeter rule (smallest divisions 0.5 mm), a penny, and a postage stamp. Higher-powered models designed to show slides depict prepared slide-mounted specimens, with some of the lowest-power images showing small segments of the ruler.

Captions are filenames that give the specimen and either the approximate magnification or the objective power used for the image. Example:


This is an image taken with the Handheld Digital Microscope (#44302). The caption (filename) is ICboard-40x. The specimen is an IC board, and the image was taken at the 40x position of the microscope.

Updated 12/18/13