Why does my SkyScout display error message about magnetic fields from my location?

My SkyScout displays the following error message about magnetic fields in my location: 

1. The magnet icon to the left indicates that the SkyScout is sensing some form of magnetic interference which will affect its accuracy. When you have moved far enough away from the source of the interference, the magnet icon will disappear. Possible sources of interference are electrical wires, motors, or large pieces of metal (like a car chassis).

2. This message is usually displayed if the SkyScout is too close to an electromagnetic source such as generators or high-tension power lines. Also avoid standing too close to large metal objects such as automobiles. Often moving only 10-20 feet away will correct the problem and the magnetic sensor Icon should disappear. Sometimes it will appear when you are carrying metallic items or wearing heavy jewelry or belt buckles. Remove these items when using the SkyScout if you see the magnetic icon or message.

Updated 12/24/13