Why does the NexRemote want to align the scope on startup when the mount is already aligned with the real hand control?

Alignment information is stored in the hand control, not in your mount. Since NexRemote acts like a second hand control, it has no idea that the real hand control has this information and wants to start a new alignment. There isn't any way to transfer the data with present versions of NexRemote.

1. Use the hand control to polar align your scope, including switch calibration and cone error (calibration stars).

2. Startup NexRemote and manually transfer the cone error and RA/DEC switch information to NexRemote.

3. Once the data from a high-quality polar alignment has been transferred to the virtual hand control, you can actually do a Quick Align with NexRemote that is equivalent to a Two-Star Align.

Future alignments can start with a polar alignment with the real hand control, then use Last Align in NexRemote. If your mount is permanently mounted and you never need to polar align, by using Last Align you can render the physical HC obsolete. Alternatively, using cameras in lieu of eyepieces can allow you ignore the real hand control even when doing a polar alignment.

Updated 12/14/13