Why doesn’t my red dot finderscope match the image on the box/website?

Celestron is making a change to the finderscope shipped with some Celestron telescopes. In some cases, you may receive a finderscope that is different in appearance than the one pictured on the gift box, manual, Quick Setup Guide, or website. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Rest assured that the finders are identical in performance and features. The main difference is the location of the battery compartment and, therefore, the battery installation instructions.

If your red dot finderscope looks like the unit pictured here, you can ignore this message.

If you received a red dot finderscope that looks like the unit pictured here, follow the instructions below to replace the battery:

1. The battery compartment on this finderscope is located on top of the unit. Use a Philips-head screwdriver to loosen the screw holding the battery door closed. The screw is captured and will not fall out when you open the battery door.

2. Lift the battery door open to expose the CR-2032 button battery.

3. With your fingernail on either side of the battery, pry the battery up and out of the battery compartment.

4. Place the new CR-2032 battery, positive (+) side up, under the two copper battery clips at the front of the battery compartment.


5. Press the battery down to snap it into the plastic battery clips on the opposite side of the battery.

6. Close the battery door and tighten the Phillips-head screw to secure the door in place.