Will I be able to use my standard Celestron SCT T-adapter 93633-A to attach my CCD or digital SLR camera to the EdgeHD?

Yes, you can use your standard SCT T-Adapter to connect your CCD or digital SLR to the EdgeHD optical tube assemblies (OTAs). However, the EdgeHD has been optimized for astrophotography with a specific spacing between the optical tube and the camera image plane. To take full advantage of the EdgeHD’s photographic performance, use either the #93644 (EdgeHD 8” OTA) or #93646 (9.25, 11” and 14” OTAs) T-adapter models. These adapters are designed to position your camera's image plane at the optimal distance. Specific spacing for the 8" EdgeHD OTA, is 133.35 mm or 5.25”. For the 9.25", 11" and 14" OTAs, it is 146 mm or 5.75". The same applies to other SCT OTA adapters such as radial guiders. They can be used with EdgeHD OTAs but were not specifically designed for optimum distance with the EdgeHD series.