Will the SkyProdigy's StarSense work in urban areas with light pollution?

Yes it will! SkyProdigy’s StarSense functions can find stars and star patterns imaged with the scope’s alignment camera even in twilight and with skies impaired by light pollution or thin hazes. For example, SkyProdigy can successfully align in the Los Angeles metro area and in mid-twilight.

By changing the exposure and gain of the StarSense alignment camera, you can compensate for the full moon, hazy/urban skies, suburban settings with lights, dark skies with too many stars for the camera, and even winds that may jar the camera while it’s getting an alignment image.

To access these predefined settings and a custom option, first enable the advanced menu by pressing Menu > Utilities > Menu Levels, scroll for Advanced, then press Enter. Next find Menu > StarSense Camera > Capture Settings and choose the one best fitting your observing circumstances. When done, re-align the scope.


Updated 12/18/13