Annular Eclipse

On June 10th, 2021, a select few will get to witness the famed “Ring of Fire” around a darkened Moon during this annular eclipse.  All in all, this eclipse lasts for about 1 hour and 40 minutes (100 minutes). It starts at sunrise in Ontario, Canada and circles across the northern reaches of the globe ending in northeastern Siberia. The Annular eclipse will visible in eastern Russia, Canada, and the Arctic Ocean, where the partial eclipse will be visible in most of Russia, northeastern United States, and Europe.  This phenomenon occurs when the Moon is too far away from the Earth to completely cover the Sun. The Sun's corona is not visible during an annular eclipse. 


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Solar Safe Viewing Tips 

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Watch the Eclipse Live

For the rest of us that are not in the narrow path to view the annular eclipse, catch Live and Date's live stream of this event. 


Annular Eclipse Stories

Two Celestron employees share their own personal experience of witnessing an Annular Eclipse. Read their stories and share yours on social.