Celestron Teams Up With ScienceforCitizens.net Website

Celestron is pleased to team up with ScienceForCitizens.net, a new website that connects people to research projects and hobbies they can do.

The Scientist and Discover Magazine.com call it the Match.com and Amazon of science! The site's Project Finder offers ongoing activities in a wide range of interest areas, including astronomy, birds, climate, environment, insects, nature, and the ocean. You can also search based on personal preferences, including locations, how much time you want to spend, whether you want to work outdoors, how difficult or easy the activity is, and whether the project is appropriate for students.

Membership is free and easy and all members are invited to upload images and write blog posts about their citizen science exploits.

The site highlights member contributions on the home page. If you want to participate in a scientific study or share your citizen science experiences with thousands of others, consider this website.

Celestron will be participating in future contests and promotions with ScienceForCitizens.net, so be sure to check the site out often in the upcoming months for your chance to win some of our great optical products!