Joseph A. Lupica Jr. Observatory

On April 20, 2011, Celestron had yet another big reason to celebrate in its long history - the Grand Opening of the new Joseph A. Lupica Jr. Observatory at Celestron's Torrance, CA headquarters.  Deservingly named after Celestron's President and CEO, this state-of-the-art observatory took more than a year of creative planning and construction - from the drawing board all the way to completion.  The new observatory features adjoining staircases leading up to two separate viewing platforms - one with a Roll-off Roof, and the other with a Rotating Dome.  Each platform has its own anchored pier, so telescopes and mounts can be bolted down or removed as needed during testing sessions by our Product Development Team.  The observatory will also be used by employees during non-testing nights, so everyone will have the opportunity to observe and enjoy the night sky in a more controlled environment.  When asked what factors lead to choosing the new observatory's name, Vice President of Product Development, Corey Lee, stated, "After giving it some thought, it was quite apparent to name the observatory for the individual who successfully guided the company throughout the years with his leadership, guidance and determination.  Never once did he give up on his vision to move the company forward, even during uncertain times.  The choice was clear; the observatory should be named after President Lupica."


And so, on a sunny, Wednesday afternoon, the Ribbon Cutting Dedication Ceremony took place, complete with balloons and refreshments with all Celestron employees present.  Several speeches were conducted, including those by Vice President, Lee and Chairman Emeritus, Alan Hale.  During the ceremony, a sign was unveiled proclaiming the observatory's name - much to the surprise of President Lupica.  President Lupica's wife, Carole, made a surprise appearance and congratulated her husband, as all the employees cheered.  President Lupica was presented with an offical plaque then gave a fiery, motivational speech and proceeded to cut the Red Ribbon to officially open the new observatory named in his honor.  The observatory's doors were opened and everyone present received a personal tour.  As Celestron continues to grow, it was inevitable that Celestron would have its own observatory.  It may have taken a while, but it's been well worth the wait. Exciting times for sure, with a lot more exciting milestones on the way!