Love Across the Ocean

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Many Los Angeles area residents recognize Leyna Nguyen as a popular and award-winning news anchor for KCAL-9 News, but it’s her humanitarian work off-camera that provides her with the most fulfillment and satisfaction. Leyna is president of a non-profit foundation, Love Across the Ocean or “LATO” for short. Despite all of her professional accomplishments, she never forgot the humble upbringing she and her family experienced in their native Vietnam. Leyna has made it LATO’s mission, with help from volunteers and caring people throughout the world, to give love back to those in need—especially disadvantaged children.

A quality education is a key component for a child’s success, but it’s not always available to everyone. What we may often take for granted might be all that’s needed to bring joy to a child’s life or spark their level of curiosity—if only provided with an opportunity.

That’s why Leyna made a pilgrimage back to her hometown of Dong Ha, Vietnam last summer, bringing along a wide assortment of items donated from a variety of supporters. Leyna and her team distributed medical supplies, clothing, cooling fans, educational products, and more to local people in need. A U.S.-based dentist even accompanied Leyna on her trip and provided free dental services, resulting in many more smiles all around. As Leyna says, “If you got love to give, we’ll help you spread it!”



As a long-time supporter of worldwide science education, Celestron regularly donates products to charitable organizations, including those that benefit children’s causes. We reached out to LATO upon learning of its mission because we felt a charitable donation of educational products including small telescopes, binoculars and microscopes could help to make a difference in village classrooms while opening up new and unseen worlds to students—here on Earth and in the sky! Who knows how many of these children will become inspired and grow up to change the world for the better?

To learn more about Leyna’s Love Across the Ocean foundation, or if you would like to make a donation, visit