Sky And Telescope Magazine Hot Products for 2011

Celestron is proud to announce that Sky and Telescope magazine has designated our new NexGuide AutoGuider and LCM Computerized Mount as 2011 Hot New products.

Sky and Telescope magazine, the world-wide leading publication for amateur astronomy selected the two Celestron products as noteworthy innovations in the field of Astronomy for 2011.

The NexGuide AutoGuider is a must have for imaging!  This accessory is a stand-alone autoguider that eliminates the need for a laptop computer in the field. It’s equipped with a larger chip to provide more area for locating and keeping the guide star on the chip.  It also has a sensitive CCD so you can track on fainter stars and has automatic calibration of each axis in addition to automatically setting guide rate parameters.  The NexGuide AutoGuider has a sleek design and a 9-Button hand control for menu navigation.  If you’re interested in taking deep-sky images with your DSLR camera, the NexGuide Autoguider will help you achieve optimum results.

Our second award winner is the affordable LCM Computerized Mount.  This alt-az mount uses NexStar technology and a database for automatic slewing and tracking of over 4,000 night sky objects. The mount also has an upgradeable hand control and SkyAlign technology making the LCM Computerized Mount a wonderful upgrade from a non-computerized mount.