Summer Fun with Celestron

Let the summer festivities begin, but not without planning to meet Celestron at an event. We’re gearing up for summer travels and want you to join us. Yes, that’s right, you! We’re kicking July off at the Astronomical League Convention (ALCON) in New Mexico. This event is the perfect opportunity for amateur astronomers to learn tips and tricks directly from professional astronomers currently making great discoveries. From ALCON, we’re heading over to Badlands Astronomy Festival in South Dakota. Join astronomers of all levels as we celebrate the beauty of a dark night sky and the wonder of space exploration. On July 18th we’re celebrating Moon Day in style at the annual Moon Day event in Dallas, Texas. This space-themed public event brings together space exploration-oriented groups, organizations and institutions in North Texas to share their activities and inspire new generations to embrace a scientific and technological future. After Texas, we’re heading back to Oceanside, California for the SCAE astronomy expo. This fun filled event will host talks, showcases, sales, giveaways and MORE! 

Can’t meet us in July? Have no worries! We have plenty more events coming up throughout the rest of the year. To see a full list of our upcoming events for the year click HERE.

We’re looking forward to meeting you soon.


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