Team Celestron Welcomes Royalty from Cameroon

Celestron was honored to welcome a very special visitor this week: His Royal Majesty Fon Fozoh II of Awing, Cameroon! The Fon (Cameroon’s word for King or Chieftain) was on a tour of the United States and Canada when he stopped by Celestron headquarters on July 8th, 2013.

HRM Fon Fozoh II was already familiar with Celestron, since the people of Awing have been using one of our stereo biological microscopes since 2006 to perform routine medical tests. From 2006 to 2012, one Celestron microscope was used to analyze lab tests for over 1,000 patients per year. The Integrated Health Center in Awing specializes in treating malaria and related diseases. 

Last year, Team Celestron donated 2 additional microscopes to Awing to be used at 2 other medical centers in the region.

Team Celestron rolled out the red carpet for the royal entourage. Marketing Coordinator Kevin Kawai gave the visitors a full tour of Celestron’s facilities. Celestron staff also hosted a private observing session in the Joseph A. Lupica, Jr. Observatory. The Fon was overjoyed to view the Sun and Venus for the first time through Celestron telescopes!

Fon Fozoh II viewing


The Fon and his entourage expressed their heartfelt thanks for the microscopes we provided in 2012 and brought photos of them in use at the various medical centers.  As a token of his appreciation, the Fon presented Team Celestron with hand-woven straw bags and wall hangings from Cameroon. As a special thank-you, the Fon bestowed tour guide Kevin Kawai with a traditional hat worn by men in Awing. He was also made an honorary citizen of the Fondom.

Fon Fozoh II Donation     Kevin's hat









We were thrilled to send our visitors home with a new Professional Biological Microscope 1500 and an Advanced Stereo Microscope to further aid in their health care efforts.

We thank HRM Fon Fozoh II, Milton Nchinda, and the rest of our visitors for sharing where they Celestron—Cameroon! We’re thrilled to know that our microscopes are an important part of the life-saving work at the Integrated Health Center, and we look forward to seeing our friends again…perhaps in the Awing Fondom!

Cameroon group

-Andrea Tabor
Online Marketing Coordinator