Celestron Launches Its First iPhone Application, SkyQ

Packed full of features, Celestron's new SkyQ application presents the night sky in a full multimedia experience.

Torrance, CA (July 6, 2011) – Celestron, the number one telescope maker in the world, media darling for the innovative SkyScout Personal Planetarium, and winner of product innovation awards from CES, Reader’s Digest, Popular Science, PC Magazine and Popular Mechanics, today unveiled its first application for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch users.

Celestron’s new SkyQ is an easy to use astronomy application that locates and identifies virtually any celestial object visible in the night sky with portable convenience right from the palm of your hand.  A real value at only $4.99, you can treat yourself to a guided tour of the Universe anywhere you choose.    

SkyQ offers you a complete and detailed depiction of the night sky, from the phases of the moon and visible planets, all the way down to the name and position of the moons around Jupiter and Saturn.  It even tracks the International Space Station (ISS) and predicts sightings of its appearance.  SkyQ is packed with hundreds of celestial images and over 4 hours of audio recordings providing you with educational and entertaining information about our constellations, planets, galaxies, nebulae and stars.

An excellent companion to your Celestron telescope, you can even use SkyQ as an observing tool to help you identify and locate hundreds of famous deep sky objects, binary stars and variable stars with your telescope.  Use the high-res lunar landscape map to explore and identify prominent craters, mares and even Apollo lunar landing sites.  SkyQ’s “Tonight’s Sky” mode will even give you suggestions for the best objects to view for your exact time, date and location every time you head outside.

“SkyQ provides everyone, from casual astronomy enthusiasts to serious astronomers, with a portable, educational, entertaining way to experience the Universe.” said Joseph A. Lupica Jr, president and CEO of Celestron.  “Our SkyQ application packs enormous amounts of features and technology into the palm of your hand.  Celestron is proud to be an industry leader in all aspects of astronomy, science and educational products, and with the launch of SkyQ, we continue to support our vision to inspire a sense of wonder, knowledge and fun in our customers and throughout our company.”

Celestron’s SkyQ operates on all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices with the latest firmware.