Celestron's Innovative SkyScout Scope Puts The Universe In Focus For All

SkyScout Scope 90

Used In Tandem With The SkyScout Personal Planetarium, Backyard Astronomers Are Now Able To Locate, Identify And Get An Up Close View Of More Than 6,000 Viewable Celestial Objects In The Night Sky

Torrance, CA (January 1, 2008) – Building on the popularity of Celestron’s award-winning SkyScout Personal Planetarium, the revolutionary handheld device that uses advanced GPS technology with point and click convenience to identify thousands of stars, planets, constellations and more, Celestron’s new SkyScout Scope enables SkyScout enthusiasts to locate, identify and get an up close view of more than 6,000 viewable celestial objects in the night sky.

Built with an adjustable mounting bracket for use with the Celestron SkyScout Personal Planetarium, the SkyScout Scope is a powerful non-computerized telescope that delivers bright, clear images of a wide array of objects in the night sky, making astronomy easy and interesting for all.

The 90 mm refractor telescope provides users with a wide field of view, and when used in tandem with SkyScout Personal Planetarium, SkyScout Scope empowers backyard stargazers with the ability to take a cosmic journey of the celestial objects in the night sky and then get an up close, clear and crisp view of each through the all-coated glass optics.

“SkyScout Scope equips budding backyard astronomers with the skills and desire to learn more about our Universe, satisfying the natural curiosity to explore new frontiers, and creating the thirst for knowledge that will inspire the next generation of explorers and astronomers,” said Joseph A. Lupica Jr., president and CEO of Celestron. “Together, the SkyScout Personal Planetarium and SkyScout Scope transform the night sky into a backyard adventure, placing a universe of knowledge into the hands of astronomy buffs and stargazers of all ages and experience levels.”

Sure to be an instant favorite among astronomy enthusiasts both young and old, SkyScout Scope is easy to assemble, requires little to no maintenance and is excellent for both celestial and terrestrial viewing.  Designed for easy use, the SkyScout Scope includes a permanently mounted 6x30 finder scope, an accessory tray and a panhandle alt-azimuth control with clutch for smooth and accurate pointing every time.

Engineered with rugged and a pre-assembled tripod with 1.25-inch steel tube legs, SkyScout Scope provides a rigid and stable platform that delivers color corrected, high contrast, brilliant images of thousands of celestial objects in the night sky.

And, for those cloudy nights that every stargazer dreads, each SkyScout Scope includes a version of The Sky® software for exploring the Universe on a home PC and printing out custom star charts.