Celestron's New LCD Digital Microscope Enables Consumers To View Unseen Worlds

The World’s First Digital Microscope For Hobbyists Replaces The Traditional Eyepiece With An Integrated LCD Screen, Allowing Individuals And Groups To View, Capture And Save Vibrant, High-Resolution Images And Video Of Microscopic Specimens.

Torrance, CA (January 1, 2008) Celestron, the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of telescopes, binoculars, spotting scopes, microscopes and related accessories, is opening up a new frontier of exploration for everyday science enthusiasts with the unveiling of its new LCD Digital Microscope®.  Designed for use by everyone with an urge to expand their sphere of knowledge through exploration, Celestron’s LCD Digital Microscope (LDM) combines all of the powerful features of a professional grade microscope with an easy-to-use, fully- integrated, high-resolution 3.5” LCD screen, giving users the ability to view, capture and save vibrant, high-resolution images and video of Earth’s most magnificent microscopic specimens. 

Empowering users with the ability to explore the microscopic world more extensively and effortlessly than ever before, the innovative design of Celestron’s LCD Digital Microscope replaces the traditional eyepiece with a high-resolution 3.5” (88mm) LCD screen that allows for easy viewing by individuals as well as with friends, family and classmates.

Engineered with an objective lens that provides three different magnification levels (4x, 10x, and 40x), 4X digital zoom functionality, a six position color filter wheel, top and bottom LED Illumination, 128MB internal storage memory and a built-in 2MP digital camera, the LDM is capable of capturing images and short videos of specimens at magnification levels up to 1600 times their original size.  The LDM is an ideal tool for examining everything from stamps, coins and other common objects to specimen slides of yeasts, molds, cultures, fibers, bacteria, and animal parts up close using the powerful digital zoom feature.

“As a foremost manufacturer of the scopes used by today’s leading scientists, the LDM incorporates many of the advanced features found on Celestron’s line of professional microscopes to provide a powerful and easy-to-use tool that is ideal for all amateur scientists, from seasoned enthusiasts to those just beginning their scientific exploration,” said Joseph A. Lupica Jr., president and CEO of Celestron. “With the flexibility to not only view, but capture photos and video of both prepared slides and everyday objects through the seamlessly integrated 3.5” viewing screen, the LDM is an amazing all-in-one product that will keep users captivated as the physical world is revealed like never before.”

With a suggested retail price of $299.99, Celestron’s LCD Digital Microscope comes with five prepared slides, an AC power adaptor, a carrying case, a USB cable for transferring images to a PC and will be available at specialty retailers nationwide in February 2008.