Award in the Sports & Outdoor category is the latest industry recognition bestowed upon Celestron’s industry-changing telescope, designed to bring fast, accurate and effortless celestial exploration to amateur astronomy.


TORRANCE, CA, DECEMBER 2, 2020 -- Celestron, an industry leader for more than 60 years in high-quality telescopes and other premier optical consumer goods, has received Popular Science’s coveted Best of What’s New designation for their StarSense Explorer telescope and its novel approach to sky navigation and celestial observation. Today’s award joins a formidable list of industry recognitions and stellar product reviews from some of the world’s leading publications, including CNET, WIRED and Space.com, for the StarSense Explorer product line.


Introduced in 2020, StarSense Explorer brings Celestron’s decades of innovation and rich history into a new telescope that is remarkably quick to set up, easy to navigate and seamless for users of all experience levels, including beginners. Prior to the StarSense Explorer, consumer telescopes required a time-consuming alignment process, as well as prior knowledge about constellations and the night sky. These barriers to entry often left novices frustrated and disenchanted with amateur astronomy.


By using Celestron’s proprietary sky recognition platform, StarSense, the award-winning telescope and its included app, leverage the same robust sky mapping technologies deployed by professional observatories. The result is the telescope’s unique ability to present consumers with a user-friendly interface on their personal smart phone, that immediately identifies space objects and expertly guides users as they explore thousands of celestial objects.  Recognizing Celestron’s diverse global community of skygazing enthusiasts, Celestron’s engineers designed the StarSense Explorer to function seamlessly anywhere in the world, both in urban environments and isolated locations, without requiring Wi-Fi or cellular signal.

"We are deeply honored that a prestigious, legacy publication like Popular Science has recognized our efforts to make astronomy affordable, educational, and fun for people of all ages and experience levels,” said Corey Lee, CEO, Celestron. “We hope that this exciting new technology will bring new observers around the world—especially young people—into this rewarding hobby.”

The StarSense Explorer is available worldwide and offered in multiple variations, including the StarSense Explorer DX 130AZ, a 130mm reflector-type telescope ($399.95). Refractor-type versions are also available.

StarSense Explorer is a registered trademark of Celestron.

About Celestron

Celestron envisions a global community where the exploration of the universe is accessible, informative, and enlightening. For over 60 years, the California-based company has been the world’s most recognized telescope brand and the provider of premier consumer skygazing products. Celestron’s iconic “orange tube” telescopes have become ubiquitous within the field of astronomy and the company offers the largest product selection within the telescope industry. To learn more about Celestron’s new products visit celestron.com or join Celestron's Facebook community at Facebook.com/celestron. For further information about StarSense Explorer, visit: https://www.celestron.com/pages/starsense-explorer-technology