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The Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy


Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project (CBSAP) offers a unique solar astronomy experience with  observatory quality, narrowband solar telescopes on Celestron CGE mounts directly to over 250,000 students and adults at over 300 completely free STEM events per year in 22 countries worldwide.

The philosophy is simple: Freely educate young people about the awe inspiring world of astronomy in order to steer them towards careers in science for a better tomorrow.

Stephen Ramsden is the founder and director of the nonprofit Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project which is the largest volume hands on astronomy outreach program in the world, named in memoriam to a fellow veteran and victim of suicide.  Ramsden has delivered Celestron mounts, solar glasses, telescope equipment, and astronomy training to several of the world’s most remote locations and underserved communities in order to start chapters of CBSAP.

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Fast Facts

  • Former US Navy Nuclear Propulsion Engineer
  • Retired Air Traffic Controller in Atlanta, GA
  • GA State University Astrophysics
  • Funded the startup of CBSAP with his retirement savings to pay back the same opportunities that he was given by educators to become successful.
  • Imaged the largest Solar Prominence ever recorded from Earth in 2013 with a student at an outreach event which is now featured at the Royal Observatory in London.

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