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Team Celestron

Christoph Kaltseis

Kaltseis has quickly established himself as one of Europe’s most acclaimed imagers. In less than five years, he has received four APODs and two EAPODs with Celestron equipment ranging from an 8” Newtonian reflector to a 14” EdgeHD. 

Stephen Hawking

He's studied the universe for decades and is now viewing the galaxies first hand.

Thierry Legault

Sharing his knowledge of imaging through his writings and workshops, Thierry Legault exudes passion through his imaging and educating others on accomplishing the same.

Lee and Ashley Hall

Both Lee and Ashley Hall work at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. They use Celestron microscopes for both their educational and paleontological work.

Christopher Go

Discovering a storm on Jupiter, "Red Spot Junior," is one of many of Christopher Go's accomplishments as an astroimager and enthusiast.

Robert Reeves

Since 1960, Robert Reeves has been exploring his passion for astrophotography. After years of learning and practice, Robert obtained a Celestron 8-ince Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope and hasn’t looked back since.

Damian Peach

With his interest in astronomy beginning at the age of 10, this young veteran has been able to make great strides in the field within the past 25 years.

Dylan O'Donnell

Shooting during the Venus and Jupiter Conjunction, Dylan O’Donnell turned his telescope towards the opposite horizon to snap a series of photos. His aim? To freeze the International Space Station zipping across the bright surface of the nearly full Moon. His capture captivated the world.

Tony Rowell

Tony Rowell is an award-winning photographer specializing in both deep space and landscape astrophotography and time lapse video. Shooting both film and digital, Tony’s work has been featured in books, in magazines, and highly recognizable websites.

Terry Lovejoy

Terry is best known as the discoverer of some of the brightest comets of the past decade. Most recently  C/2017 E4 (Lovejoy).

Jimmy Walker

Meet Jimmy Walker: a pro golfer with a passion for astronomy and a talent for capturing impressive images of celestial objects.

Kristie Reddick of The Bug Chicks

For Parents, Teachers, and Bugdorks, The Bug Chicks combine the arts and science to educate on bugs, biology, and biodiversity.

Anna Cox

From the crime scene to the courtroom, she solves crimes using bloodstain pattern analysis. Her secret weapon? Celestron digital microscopes.

Sarah Swanson and Max Smith

Sarah and Max are coauthors of Must-See Birds of the Pacific Northwest, a book that combines fascinating facts about 85 northwestern birds with information about how and where to find them.

Madrona Marsh Preserve

Surrounded by dense multi-family housing and one of the nation’s largest shopping malls, Madrona is the last remaining freshwater marsh in Los Angeles County.

Astronomers Without Borders

One People, One Sky. Committed to connecting people across the world through the passion of astronomy, Astronomer's Without Borders has made a huge difference throughout communities.

Grant Regen

He started observing the night sky as a first grader. Now, at age 14, Grant Regen is an accomplished astroimager and an expert on our Skyris cameras.

Clark McNulty

Clark McNulty is a renowned ocean photographer who has spent significant time honing in his skills diving, fishing and filming offshore in the chain of Channel Islands in Southern California.

Tahoe Star Tours

The astronomy tour where science and art collide.

Eurasian Bustard Alliance

Founded in 2005, the Eurasian Bustard Alliance is a non-profit group of researchers devoted to the conservation of bustard species.

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Striving daily to enhance the study, appreciation, and conservation of birds, Cornell Lab of Ornithology incorporates traditional research techniques with innovative workshops to educate and excite its community.

Phil Plait (The Bad Astronomer)

Phil Plait, AKA the Bad Astronomer, is a well known author, lecturer, skeptic, and popular science blogger/communicator.

Cara Santa Maria

Cara Santa Maria is an award winning journalist, science communicator, television presenter, producer, and podcaster.

Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy

Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project (CBSAP) offers a unique solar astronomy experience with over 250,000 students and adults at over 300 free STEM events per year in 22 countries.