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Celestron Starry Night Software

Celestron Starry Night Software is the premier astronomy software package on the market, providing resources and knowledge to view our solar system. Starry Night Complete Space and Astronomy Pack (CSAP) is provided with every Celestron telescopes; Special Edition for a select few telescopes and basic edition for the rest of the telescopes.



This User’s Guide provides instructions for using Complete Space & Astronomy Pack (CSAP) including but not limited to:


  • Information about astronomy and what’s up in space

  • Provides information on celestial objects
  • View in detail how space looks now, years ago, and the future; control the rate of speed in which you view time.
  • Incorporate Starry Night into your nightly viewing with observation planning and logging. For the Special Edition Scopes, Starry Night allows you to control your telescope.
  • Learn how to take astroimages with Starry Night’s tutorials.


Starry Night Software is available on the following telescopes:


Special Edition Scopes



Basic Edition Scopes