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Customer Testimonials


Read the latest praise from our satisfied customers

"So about 20 years ago or so my wife purchased the Celestron 8 for me as I had alway had an interest in astronomy and she thought I might like it. I was a fairly busy CEO at the time and if there were two of me there still would not have been enough time in the day to get all the work done. I tried to use the scope but when I saw the time required to get some degree of mastery, I just did not feel I had the time available. So I put it in a closet and there it stood, pretty much unattended, for the last 20 years. From time to time I would take a look at the scope, give it a try, again feel I did not have the time necessary and would put it back. My wife later purchased a pair of high powered binoculars for me and that is what I have successfully used over the years. Fast forward 20 years, I am retired and now have the time to make a go of it. Unfortunately I was starting at square one with a very old scope. I could not find the original manual after all these years, and as there were no markings on the scope. I was not sure what model I had or how to actually use it. After some research my guess was that I had a Nexstar 8i. maybe an 8se. (Turns out I was wrong, it was a Nexstar 8- after two days of searching in my home I found the original manual.) In any event, to try to get a baseline on how to use the 8, I contacted customer support and Robert was my contact. As it turned out, I needed to contact him multiple times. He was always patient with my questions, responded quickly and was thorough with his answers. It was he who helped me identify my scope as well as how to use certain functions on the scope/hand controller and certain eyepieces. In short he was very helpful and generous with his assistance. I am slowly learning how to master my "old classic" as Robert called it. If you had a customer rating system I would rate Robert 5 stars and I am very appreciative for his help."

- William E.
November 2020

"I'm just emailing to say that the recent customer support I've received from Elena was excellent.  She obviously knows the product well and was able to help me get started using the telescope that I had just purchased. Thank you for your time."

- Peter S.
September 2020

"I was very pleased with Celestron's assistance in resolving a
repair issue for our Nature DX binoculars. A couple of screws in the eye cap had fallen out and needed to be replaced. The Celestron service folks were extremely helpful and very responsive. They identified the needed parts and sent them to me within a week. I could not be happier with their service. The binoculars are also everything we had hoped for and we've gotten a lot of great use from them. Thank you."

- Russ R.
June 2020

"Saying thank you is not enough. The fast response and the thoroughness has been exemplary. I wish all support teams operated this well. I am very pleased at how quickly and professionally my request was handled and on top of that, the speed in which my part was shipped, I could not have asked for better. Here is to a long relationship with Celestron."

- John B.
Tallahassee, FL
February 2020

"I purchased a Celestron Ultima 100 spotting scope in April of 2016 and when I received it I noticed the zoom portion of the eyepiece was very difficult to turn. I assumed that it just needed 'breaking in' (it was new, so that was why it was stiff) and so I did not contact support at that time. After using the scope for an extended period (almost 3 years), the zoom was still hard to turn and so I contacted Celestron support to see it I could purchase a replacement eyepiece - since I had kept the scope for so long before reporting the problem. Much to my surprise, there is 'lifetime warranty' on the scope and the scope was replaced by Celestron at no charge! The new scope works beautifully!

Elena in Celestron support responded to my inquiries promptly, and was very courteous and really helpful in resolving my issue. Thank you again!"

- Richard C.
Cambell, CA
February 2020

"Thank you very much. I appreciate the quick response. I have heard of Celestron’s great customer service and now I have proof of it. I have several of your scopes and mounts and will continue to be loyal to the brand.Thank you again."

- Tom L.

"I absolutely love my AVX. It has been the perfect introduction into astrophotography. It’s popularity within the community has allowed me to easily find guidance and modifications online that allow me to push the mount above and beyond what you would expect within this mount class. My AVX has ran so well, I plan on making my next upgrade a Celestron mount as well."

- Scott A.

"I have been a loyal Celestron customer for some time now. I have been enjoying everything that Celestron sells. I love all my telescopes: the Celestron FirstScope, the Celestron AstroMaster LT 70 AZ telescope, and my most recent, the Celestron Travel Scope 70 telescope. I love the Celestron Night Vision LED Flashlight. I like very much the eyepieces, the Barlow Lenses, the Celestron Photographic and Video Tripod, the Celestron binocular adapter, the Celestron Impulse Binocular 10 X 50, the Celestron Cometron Binocular 7 X 50, the Celestron Sky Maps, the Celestron Lens Pen Cleaning tool, and everything else. I love the Celestron web site - it is truly the best web site to buy anything in Astronomy.

I always go onto the Celestron Support and chat with Jesse and Johnny. Jesse and Johnny always have the time to give me helpful and great tips on everything Astronomy and on anything that I need to know on how to use my telescopes and binoculars. They are truly the best, and I like when they take the time to help me out. Celestron is truly the best company to buy anything in Astronomy. I am a true loyal Celestron customer and Celestron is a company that I will always recommend to my friends. Celestron is the best company. Keep up the great work, Celestron, you are aces."

- Jacques G.

"I would like to thank Stephanie and the Celestron team. I grew up stargazing with my uncle through a C8 Celestron scope, have bought several Celestron products as the years passed and have always enjoyed expanding my universe through the quality of a Celestron lens. This year I purchased a spare pair of Skymaster 25X70 binoculars during “Prime Day” so they were at a great price too. As I mentioned, they were a spare pair so I put them on a shelf for several months without use. When I did get around to using them I found the focus knob wasn’t working properly due to a broken part, but knew my procrastination in checking them out was going to cost me. I checked with the retailer, but I had let so much time pass they told me I would have to contact Celestron.

This is where Stephanie comes in. I’ve been in the service business for many years so I thought I would just pay for the small broken part and repair them myself. I took a picture of the part I needed and emailed it to the parts department for help identifying what I needed. Stephanie replied and said my binoculars were covered under warranty and asked if it was OK if she sent me a new pair. I thought to myself, NEW PAIR…am I ok with it? This is the first Celestron product I have had to think about repairing. From the moment Stephanie offered a replacement, she consistently informed me how the process would take place to return the broken pair, kept me updated as the process unfolded and within a week or so I had a brand new pair at no cost to me and they are working perfectly. It has to be one of the best customer experiences I have ever had.

Thank you Stephanie and the Celestron team for displaying a customer service culture that is rare in today’s world. I have really appreciated your products over many years, but even more so now after such a great experience of your support. Keep looking up."

- James

"To Celestron Staff,

I would like to compliment your technical support, and repair staff for their exemplary service. I encountered an issue that required warranty repairs and was amazed at how quickly and professionally the problem was handled. Your professional and courteous staff first attempted to solve my problem as easily as possible. When all efforts were made, and having the equipment repaired was the only option, they made the experience smooth and as trouble free as possible. Thank you very very much! Respectfully."

- K.Petrie


I have been chatting with Jesse M. for a few days now, partly through email and partly through the online chat, about getting started in astrophotography. My reason for writing you is simple: Jesse M. is superb. Every question answered clearly and quickly, even when Jesse had to find a URL or reference for me. Jesse was extremely patient, always respectful, honest, and responsive. When all my questions were answered, I asked Jesse whether there was a survey to complete or an email I could send to express my appreciation that Celestron employs people like Jesse M. That's how I got your email address. I grew up with a 6" Dynascope reflector and always dreamed of moving up to a Celestron... Now, with Jesse's guidance, I plan on doing just that. Thank you Jesse M. and Thank you Celestron for a lifetime of dreams!"

- Charles P.

"Dear Donna,

I have been using Celestron 22150 Omni XLT 102 AZ for last year and I am truly impressed by the exceptional image quality and very low aberration optics. Recently I lost the mounting screws for my control knobs and when I approached Celestron service team they shipped new control knobs free of charge. It fits perfectly and I am good to go again ! What more can you ask for ?!! Thank you so much Celestron for your timely support and motivating me to explore more! Thank you"

- Santosh

"I want to commend Celestron tech support. I had a small problem with a 2 inch eyepiece on my new cpc 1100 HD. They sent me a replacement barrell to my 23mm for no charge. They were quick and helpful. Thank you Celestron!!"

- Paul W.