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Software Update History

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This page provides an overview of the changes to our software.

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Product Version Release Date Updates Downloads
Celestron Firmware Manager (CFM) 2.7.9144 August-2019 Bug fix: Wifi Bridge Download
Dialog boxes showing when connection is restarting
2.7.9100 June-2019 Support for Focus motor
Bug Fix: Wifi Bridge
Bug Fix: CGX(L) USB port programming.
BugFix: Not all firmware files downloaded on slow internet connections
Bug Fix: AstroFi/Evolution programming through WiFi
Internal refactoring
2.3.7111 June-2018 Full Support of CGX and CGX-L (including remote sensor boards.
Bug Fix: clicking the "download button on UI crashed application.
2.7.7070 May-2018 Support for SkyWatcher StarSense Interface box
CGX and CGX-L moutn support
Bug Fix: package delays in serial packets exceeding 200ms cause problems.
Astro Fi support.
Celestron Focuser Utility 1.0.0 December-2018 Initial release Download
Celestron PWI (CPWI) 2.4.3 February-2023
  • Add setting allowing accessories to be ignored during device discovery.
  • Add setting allowing specified COM ports to be ignored during device discovery.
  • Add setting allowing support for multiple connections to be enabled or disabled.
  • Add setting allowing detailed logging to be enabled or disabled.
  • Add dynamic status message to top bar of main window.
  • Show a warning if the focuser is uncalibrated after connecting to it.
  • Add ability to show the celestial equator to SkyViewer.
  • Update UI for PEC Playback settings to improve clarity.
  • Consolidate Mount USB and Hand Controller connection methods.
  • Add support for communicating over daisy-chained PC port connections.
  • Allow mounts without ST-4 ports to set and save Guide rates in the mount configuration dialog.
  • Setting guide rates from the ASCOM driver are now seen in the CPWI mount config dialog and the mounts ST-4 setting.
  • Reading guide rates from the ASCOM driver reflects the value in CPWI's mount configuration dialog.
  • Add WifiState to CPWI.
  • cfg. On connection will set state of mount's onboard WiFi module. valid values : Ignore Enable Disable
  • Attempt to connect to last used COM port before trying others.
  • Reflect custom port names in Dew Heater data output.
  • Bug fix: Park did not always complete.
  • Bug fix: Google Maps location selection does not work.
  • Bug fix: Focuser complains incorrectly that it is uncalibrated .
  • Bug Fix: WiFi connections locking up or not connecting.
  • Bug fix: Some evolution mounts are not being detected during WiFi connection process .
  • Bug fix: Text in selectable labels overflows during mouse hover.
  • Bug fix: ASCOM driver reduced verbosity of the logs.
  • Bug fix: ASCOM driver will now deliver the mount to the previously specified park position before parking the mount.
  • Bug Fix: ASCOM driver AbortSlew will now clear the IsSlewing flag.
  • Bug Fix: The 'Begin' button was not always visible in the PEC Training dialog box.
  • Bug Fix: PEC training never completed even though progress bar reached 100%.
  • Bug fix: Dew Heater Save Data switch not working.
  • Bug fix: Typographical errors.
2.4.2 Bug Fix: sidereal tracking too fast
Bug Fix: sidereal tracking too fast
Bug fix: gamepad and ASCOM N-E slew not working
Bug Fix: should not request write access to C:\
2.4.1 January-2022 Bug Fix: CPWI not always connecting to mount
2.4.0 January-2022 Updated user interface design.
Added support for Dew Heater and Power control box accessory.
2.3.5 August-2020 Hotkeys feature overhauled
Added deadzone setting to Gamepad configuration
Reconfigured speed ranges on Gamepad configuration
Feature added to goto a specfic RA/Dec location
Updated the manual
Corrected behavior of ASCOM_Telescope.SideOfPier()
Added fix for ASCOM guiding on mounts with old firmware (less than 6.18)
Added ASCOM.Action(Telescope:AddAlignmentReference,ra:dec)
Revised PEC dialogs to make them more clear
Slew rates for the mount and focuser persist when the dialog is hidden/closed
Bug fixes
2.3.4 April-2020 Removes false disconnection issues
UI changes including support for red filter.
Enhanced focuser support (ASCOM + gamepad + control dialog)
Added Hot Key dialog with new hot keys
GPS Accessory
Added UI support for Sync
PEC enchancements
Added 3 Messier Objects to the off line catalog (M25, M40, M45)
Trial support for CGE, Advanced GT, and most GT mounts)
Numerous bug fixes
Known issue: ASCOM pulse guiding not working with MC firmware 6.12 - 6.17.
Known issue: ASCOM pulse guiding not working with MC firmware 5.00 - 5.17
Known issue: ASCOM SideOfPier() returns ASCOM SideOfPier(current position)
2.2.4 January-2020 Bug fix: StarSense is less likely to make a false plate solve
Database Corrections: Triangulum galaxy, Rosette Nebula
2.2.3 September-2019 Feature: New StarSense user-auto-align generator tool
Feature: Ability to set solar and lunar tracking rates, as well as enable Ra+Dec tracking for GEM mounts
Feature: Joystick/Gamepad support for mount movement control
Feature: Meridian sweep support added
Feature: Slew limits for alt-az mounts
Feature: Battery monitoring for mounts with batteries
Bug Fix: Issues with StarSense communication resolved
Bug Fix: CPU power consumption decreased substantially
Bug Fix: ASCOM related bug fixes
2.1.25 April-2019 Feature: Complete UI revamp
Feature: StarSense support added
Feature: AllStar Polar Alignment added
Feature: Mount configuration options added
Feature: WiFi support added
Feature: Support for all current computerized telescopes added
Feature: Support for HC connection
1.0.3 June-2018 Small UI updates
1.0.0 January-2018 Initial release (CGX and CGXL support only)
USB ASCOM Driver for Focuser 1.5.0 December-2019 Corrected bug causing frequent drop outs. Download
Removed "backlash" features from main UI
1.3.0 March-2019 Bug Fix
1.2.0 January-2019 Initial release
PecTool 1.0.18 July-2015 updated instller to support Windows 7/8 Download