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Christoph Kaltseis



At age 7, Christoph Kaltseis discovered his passion for astronomy while watching Carl Sagan’s television series, Cosmos. By the time he was 13, he vowed to one day own a Celestron C14 telescope after seeing one in a book about astrophotography.

Since capturing his first astroimages in 2014, Kaltseis has quickly established himself as one of Europe’s most acclaimed imagers. In less than five years, he has received four APODs and two EAPODs with Celestron equipment ranging from an 8” Newtonian reflector to a 14” EdgeHD. Now, Kaltseis enjoys wide field imaging with the 11” Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph (RASA).

Prior to delving into astroimaging, Kaltseis honed his skills with a DSLR by photographing landscapes, nature, and people. He invented two new processing techniques for Adobe Photoshop, UDI (for HDR), and APF-R (for sharpening). In 2009, he founded the CEDIC Conference in his native Austria. He has also written two books on photography: Mit der Nikon DSLR in die Natur: Technik und Fotopraxis [With the Nikon DSLR into Nature: Technology and Photography Practice] and Faszination Digital. He lives in Sarleinsbach, Austria.

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