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Deluxe Weather Station

Deluxe Weather Station
Deluxe Weather Station
Item #: 47009
Regular Price: $99.95
Sale Price: $49.98
You Save: $49.97 (50%)
  • Temperature - displays indoor and outdoor in either F or C
  • Humidity - displays indoor and outdoor with built-in hygrometer
  • Weather Forecast - indication of current weather along with atmospheric pressure display with built-in barometer
  • Clock - digital quartz for accurate time
  • Calendar - displays month, day, day of week
  • Wind Speed and Direction - information received from supplied Anemometer
  • Wind Gust - average gusts and alarm function
  • Wind Chill - combination of temperature and wind speed and has alarm function
  • Ice Alert - alert when outside temperature falls to 39.2° F (4° C) or below
  • Heat Index - combines effects of temperature and humidity
  • Dew Point - measures saturation of the air to get condensation
  • Rain Measurement and History - obtained from supplied rain gauge
  • Alarm Clock - with snooze
  • 6AA Batteries Required for Receiver (user supplied)
  • 4AA Batteries Required for Sensors (user supplied)
  • Receiver Weight: 15 oz (425g)
  • Receiver Size:7.6" x 1.1" x 4.5" (193 mm x 28 mm x 114 mm)


The Celestron Deluxe Weather Station allows you to keep track of the weather forecast with its built-in barometer. The receiver displays both indoor and outdoor temperature, from data it retrieves from the included anemometer/remote sensor. The unit also displays indoor and outdoor humidity, since it has a built-in hygrometer. The anemometer measures wind direction, speed and gust. You can also monitor the combination of wind and temperature since the unit shows the wind chill factor. You can set the receiver to sound an alarm when the wind chill or gust gets to a certain level. There is also an ice alert icon that appears on the display next to the wind chill reading when the outdoor temperature falls below 39.2°F (4°C).

The Weather Station also provides additional useful information including the moon phase, heat index and dew point. The wireless rain gauge provides daily, weekly, monthly and accumulated rainfall measurements. To keep track of the rainfall history the receiver has a large capacity memory that can store and display daily rainfall (up to the last six days as well as the current day), weekly rainfall (up to the last six weeks as well as the current week), and monthly rainfall (up to the last six months as well as the current month). It also stores minimum and maximum indoor and outdoor temperatures and humidity levels in its memory. You can set the alarm to go off when a certain indoor or outdoor temperature or humidity level is reached. Besides all this, the Deluxe Weather Station has a built-in digital quartz alarm clock with a snooze feature and a calendar that shows month, day, day of week.

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